Barcode1 Bulgaria was founded in September of 2018

and started working under the auspices of Horizont Bulgaria and International Barcodes Network with the name Barcodes Bulgaria.

International Barcodes Ltd. and Horizont Bulgaria


In 2021 we start new with a fresh multilingual website and more services for our customers in Bulgaria.

Barcode1 Bulgaria

is Your independent and secure provider of barcode products in Bulgaria working directly from our offices in Sofia


International Barcodes was established in 2013 to complement the international barcode services provided by Barcodes Ltd. [Barcodes Ltd.] (established in 2007). It is a New Zealand company working internationally to expand the availability of reasonably priced barcodes to provide general information on barcodes worldwide. This is achieved by providing local offices where licensees know the market and are able to better manage individual customer needs in the customer’s native language.

Horizont Bulgaria works in the field of trade and consulting, was founded in 2011 and since then has worked with the largest trade groups in Bulgaria such as Metro, Fantastico and many more.

Do not hesitate to contact us at

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p. 0878 533 955

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Barcode1 Bulgaria